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Travel Tips

Meet The Reef of Cozumel

This island of Cozumel is a gateway into a magical land for divers of all experience levels. Echo for its own slice of paradise. Cozumel is the ideal day-trip where there is an amazing reef system. With only 26 miles to explore this little island hosts over 2.5 million tourists each year. It is known…

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What are the most common mistakes traveler’s make?

What are the best-kept secrets of being a great traveler? Some might think to keep a checklist, reading the rules and not making any assumptions about where you are staying. All of these sounds great and easy, but many times things said are easier than done. Here are some common mistakes that even the smarter…

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10 Reasons Why You Need Travel Insurance for Your Next Trip

The last thing that you want to think about when on vacation is what to do in an emergency situation. There are thousands of scenarios that could cause you to cancel your trip once you are on vacation. It can be very challenging dealing with an emergency or any situation that may cause you to…

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The Economics of Flying In Different Airline Classes

Have you every wondered how the different classes on an international flight are classified. This video by Wendover Productions did a great video explaining the different classes in an airplane and the economics of each class. This interesting information for the person that fly’s on a regular basis or for the person that is thinking about traveling…

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20 Of The Best Spring Vacation Ideas For 2017, Part 1

Spring time is almost here! Even though in New England we have not had a hard winter, looking forward to Spring time is great. Spring is the ideal time to visit many places throughout the world. What makes it the best time is being able to avoid peak travel times and avoiding the crowds.  Traveling…

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When is the best time to book my winter break vacation?

winter break vacation

If you’re thinking about booking a winter break vacation, but aren’t quite sure when to start, the following information is meant for you. Obviously, you don’t want to wait until the last minute, unless it’s a spur-of-the-moment trip. Waiting increases the chances of higher rates and reduced availability, unless you have the luck of the…

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How To Deal With Vacation Disasters While On Vacation

Vacation Disaster

When it comes to vacation travel, all of us like to focus on the positive and memorable aspects of the vacation. We look forward to the sights we will see, the experiences in a new culture and the fun we’ll have. What happens when disaster strikes while you are on vacation?   Types of disasters…

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Stop! NH Travel Agents Recommend Global Entry Now!

NH Travel Agents

You’re probably asking yourself what the heck is “Global Entry” if you have not heard of it yet. When you travel outside of the United States of America, you need your passport to leave and re-enter the country. Global entry is an effort by the TSA to protect the United States borders. NH Travel Agents…

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Face the Biggest Travel Challenges with NH Travel Agent Tips

We travel to escape the daily routines of life and experience the great unknown world around us. We see pictures, videos and read testimonials from people that have gone far and wide and want to taste just a small portion of that adventure within our comfort zone. For some extreme travel and adventure is the…

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Five Packing Tips from an Upper Valley Travel Agent

Are you getting ready to travel for a vacation abroad? Packing for vacation is key! What I mean is how you pack your luggage for vacation is key. Some of the things that happen to travelers that don’t travel often are things like forgetting items that are essential and having to buy things that you…

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Top 10 Trending Cities for Winter and Holiday Travel Destinations

This past month on CCRAtravel.com a hotel booking engine released the top 10 domestic destinations and the top 10 international destinations based on booking trends through their website. The trends are based on current winter seasonal travel so far this year. These trends are based on trends of bookings from Dec to March each year.…

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